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Inspire 4 Life Programs

New York

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Child and Youth Development Programs

Inspire 4 Life Pathways

Minds Beyond Measure strives to empower under-served youth through Creative Arts and Cultural Enrichment Programs, all while developing their literacy, cognitive, social and emotional skills.

Rhythm 4 Life

▸ Resilience

▸ Social Emotional Learning

▸ Healthy Rhythms in Life

▸ Leadership

▸ Effective Communication

Speak 4 Life

▸ Literacy

▸ Social Emotional Learning Support

▸ Public Speaking

▸ Leadership

▸ Effective Communication

Educator Development Programs

Coaching for Change

Minds Beyond Measure strives to improve instructional practices and student outcomes through transformational coaching.  Every teacher—no matter their experience level—deserves a coach.

Teacher-Centered Coaching

▸ Improve teaching practice & student outcomes

▸ Support the learning, growth, & achievement of students and teachers

Professional Development

▸ Improve teaching practice

▸ Improve student outcomes

▸ Leadership

▸ Effective Communication



At Minds Beyond Measure, we believe that a child's future shouldn't be pre-determined by the circumstances of their birth. Every young person deserves the opportunity to receive an education! We provide 4 essential services and initiatives for every child and young person, especially the most disadvantaged and hardest to reach children, and focuses on enhancing learning outcomes.

Access to Learning

The Filipino government has provided students with a Chromebook, but many students can't afford to buy 'load' (data) to access Messenger to attend their online classes and complete homework. 10 pesos a day (USD 4 cents or 280 pesos (USD $5) a month provides one studen twith access to education.


Educational Kit

An educational kit costs $7 and supplies are one student with:

▸ erasers

▸ pens

▸ pencils

▸ colored crayons

▸ sharpener

▸ ruler

▸ notebooks

▸ pencil case

▸ book bag


A Bicycle

A bicycle will help children get to school faster, and avoid walking a long journey of 1-3 hours. One brand new bicycle costs $100. You can also donate a bicycle!

School Build

Every child deserves an education! Our goal is to begin our school build initiative in 2023. Our high school for at-risk youth will enable them to receive quality education that is both accessible and equitable. Your partnership and contribution will help in building a sustainable community in Santa Maria, Laguna, Philippines. Partner with us as we enable many youth to receive their dream to an education!

Supporting a
Global Initiative


Access to quality digital learning


Build basic literacy skills - reading & writing


Build skills in problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking for transition to work, start a business and to engage in citizenship


Inspire, empower and cultivate knowledge and skills to realize their full potential and maximize their contribution to their communities.


Preparing children and adolescents for life, work and active citizenship.


Developing Social and Emotional Skills - essential skills for school and life success

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