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Building a Culturally Responsive Classroom

Intellectual understanding is impossible without openness to cultural and social understanding.

In today’s current climate, developing culturally responsive classrooms are key in nurturing positive student-teacher relationships, and creating opportunities for all students to connect, relate, and engage in instructional content.

Workshop topics include: 

  • the positive outcomes of integrating culturally responsive practices into teaching and learning

  • exploring strategies and practices needed to create and facilitate an inclusive, equitable, welcoming and affirming classroom environment that fosters continuous learning and hosts an appreciation of diverse cultures 

  • identifying effective teaching and learning strategies that support culturally responsive instruction in remote and blended learning environments

Developing Culturally Competent Students

Helping students to become

culturally aware and competent


Cultural competence means to be respectful and responsive to the practices and cultural and linguistic needs of diverse population groups.

Minds Beyond Measure strives to build cultural competence into every school and classroom culture, which entails the empowerment of every individual with the ability to interact effectively with people across different cultures.

Developing in students a richer appreciation of the world through intentional curriculum planning. 

Workshop topics include:

  • A Culture of Inclusion: Promoting Workplace Diversity and Belonging

  • Infusing Cultural Sensitivity into the workplace culture.

  • Cultural Diversity in the Classroom and its Effects on Academic and Student Performance.

  • Practical ways for teachers to infuse cultural sensitivity into a classroom.


  • Celebrating Cultural Diversity within a classroom and a school.

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developing culturally competent students
Online Course

Strategies to Support Our ESL Students

Empowering ESL learners through engaging activities and strategies.

No matter what level your ESL learner is at, you can use fun and engaging strategies that are inclusive, encourage conversation, vocabulary acquisition, inquiry and critical thinking. 

strategies to support esl

Engaging Online Strategies

Engaging, simple strategies teachers can integrate into their virtual lessons.

In a blended learning environment, a key component to effective learning and positive student outcomes, is to incorporate fun, engaging and interactive activities so the teaching and learning journey is a successful one!  Add to your teaching toolbox and explore teaching strategies to immediately integrate amazing ideas into your virtual lessons.


A sample of some strategies:

  • A picture tells 1000 words

  • Listen and Create - engaging the senses

  • Using videos to teach in a Culturally Responsive way

Children in Library

Coaching Success Stories

Jaime Auditorium Utah.jpeg

Salt Lake City, Utah, Culturally Responsive Instruction PD Successes:

After delivering the Culturally Responsive Instruction Cohort to 800 teachers, instructional coaches and specialist, the following feedback was given:

  • "I'm a new teacher from Mexico, and I had no confidence to go into an American classroom, now after your PD, I'm confident and feel included and ready to teach with all the resources and strategies that you provided"

  • "I learned so much from the PD; all the tools and strategies have equipped me in building a Culturally Responsive Classroom"

  • "I really appreciated how organized and engaging this has been"

  • "I really liked the questions at the start of each session - I'm going to use these to help myself and to reflect on my teaching practices"

  • "Key take-away - what inclusion looks, sounds and feels like"

  • "100% of participants said their comfort level on cultivating inclusive classrooms increased after the sessions."